Cafe Coffee

Villanova offer a full range of products to help you with your cafe including coffee machines from the Sychro and Expobar range, coffee grinders, barriers, umbrellas and other essentials to suit your cafe needs.

Depending on coffee quantity we have coffee machines available for free, on lease and new lease to own coffee machines.

Barista training

Barista training is provided to cafes stocking Villanova coffee. Full training is offered for your staff in things such as milk texturing, grind adjustments and how to pour that perfect shot of espresso.

Custom coffee

Customising coffee for cafes is something we are proud of, we know coffee is an individual taste and every bodies palate is different. We start with three main bases to choose from then we add what is preferred such as sweeter, smoother, more or less body, more acidity, chocolaty the possibilities are endless. You tell us what you want, it is a perfect touch for your cafe or restaurant creating your own signature blend. (Min order amount)