Coffee Blends 2

Fairtrade Blend
Villanova is doing there part to help out. Our Fairtrade blend is also 100% organic. This blend is smooth with a malt chocolate tone, we use 100% Arabica beans.
Aroma -Sweet
Body -Medium
Roast -Dark
250g – $11.00

500g – $17.00

1kg – $27.00

La Casa Blend
A great blend for milk based coffees. It has a rich, sweet, dark chocolate flavour. It has a full bodied taste which makes this blend one of the most popular with cafes as it really is a great all rounder.
Aroma – Sweet butterscotch
Body – Full
Roast -Medium to dark
250g – $9.00

500g – $15.00

1kg – $27.00

Organic Blend
Our 100% pure Organic blend is a bright coffee with medium acidity. This blend is smooth and sweet with a cocoa finish.
Aroma – Sweet
Body – Full
Roast -Medium
250g – $10.00

500g – $16.00

1kg – $28.00