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Fairtrade Blend
Villanova is doing there part to help create a better deal for third world producers.
Our Fairtrade blend is also 100% organic.
This blend is lovely and smooth with a malt chocolate tone using 100% Arabica beans.
With a slight woody aroma and strong kick this coffee is one to watch out for. Beautifully balanced for espressos or milk based coffees.
Aroma – Sweet
Body – Medium
Roast – Dark

Fairtrade Blend

La Casa Blend
Our La Casa is as it states a great House Blend. Amazing for milk based coffees this blend proves not only popular in the home but with cafes as a great all round bean. It has rich, sweet, dark chocolate flavours and a beautiful full bodied taste. 100% Arabica.
Aroma – Sweet butterscotch
Body – Full
Roast -Medium to Dark

La Casa Blend

Organic Blend
Our 100% pure Organic blend is a bright full bodied coffee with medium acidity. This blend has a long, smooth and sweet cocoa finish. 100% Arabica.
Beautifully earthy this coffee leaves a delicate aftertaste, leaving you always wanting more. One of our favourites at Villanova, hopefully soon to be one of yours.
Aroma – Sweet
Body – Full
Roast -Medium

Organic Blend

Supremo Blend
This beautiful bright coffee with medium acidity has a perfect cocoa finish. 100% Arabica.
Aroma – Dark chocolate
Body – Medium
Roast – Medium to Dark

Supremo Blend